The Making Of The Madness


My daughter is turning 2 soon. In 24 days, actually. On January 8th. It’s bewildering to me to write that YES, she is almost TWO!! Where the time has gone, I don’t know, but it’s as difficult to accept that she is turning 2 as it is to accept that my son is halfway through his seventh month.

That’s right. Two kids. Under two. And you wondered, dear reader, why I liken motherhood to madness? As Little Bear (7 months) is sitting here gnawing on his sister’s shoe and Miss Moose (23 months) is spraying the windows with a bottle of 7-Up, I have the answer.
So let’s start with a background, a ‘meet the kids’, if you will.

Miss Moose, otherwise referred to as Mini Moose, Moose, Kitten, Chicken, and Boo, is as much a little animal as her various nicknames suggest. She is stubbornly, continuously sticky despite the Mister and I having recently taken up stock in baby wipes and laundry detergent, and trails crumbs ala Hansel and Gretel. Endlessly, relentlessly messy. Miss Moose can’t see to keep her cookies out of her hair, or her juice in her bottle/cup. As a result, the ragamuffin changes colors on a daily (nay, hourly) basis, her prettiness unfortunately outshone by the degree of her stickiness. But despite her sticky exterior, Moose has a heart of gold and is the most loving little girl I know. As I say this, of course, she is hitting her brother over the head and screaming at the top of her lungs, which leads me to rethink my words. Fortunately for her, I don’t feel like hitting backspace, and so we continue on. Her favorite show is Jack’s Big Music Show or Pocoyo… she is a Nick Jr. fan and thinks she owns the tv. And everything else, for that matter. And though she can throw a tantrum like an absolute beast, she is MY beast, and at the end of the day still wants to snuggle her mama to sleep. What more could I ask for?

The downside? At 23 months, Moose still isn’t talking much and will be having a hearing and speech evaluation in the coming weeks. Several healthcare professionals (including a doctor, a nurse, and a speculative dietician) have commented that she looks Autistic. More on that later.

Seven months ago, we were fortunate enough to be blessed with another child, to be known as Little Bear or Bear. Little Bear is the opposite of his sister in many ways- gentle where she is fierce, dependent where she is independent, talkative where she is quiet. He is just learning to crawl and getting into everything as a result. Little Bear has multiple food allergies. He is severely allergic to milk, soy, eggs, and peanuts and is exclusively breastfed, which has led to my embrace of an avoidance diet for his sake. As he is starting to crawl, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep him from Moose’s food, which could potentially put him in the hospital and make him very sick. We are currently working on solutions to keeping their food completely separate, a challenging task in itself. He will chew on anything, but is particularly fond of pink glittery shoes in his mouth, and loves the taste of lemon peel. Little Bear’s current fascination is with electrical cords (yikes!), which has certainly led to an increase in my stress level.

So there it is! The introduction to the two little beings who make me so crazy, and so overwhelmed with love and joy.

Mini Moose and Little Bear


About Mrs. Mom

Mrs. Mom is a quintessentially quirky, officially educated, alternate perspective loving, iced tea sipping mommy to two spunky monsters. While keeping house and home, she makes friends with dust bunnies and engages in toddler-inspired musical theater, and isn't afraid to bust a move when her audience demands.

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