Painted Piggies


This year, I had the ‘perfect’ Christmas gift idea for my husband. A personalized coffee mug! He is a huge coffee drinker, downing a pot a day or more himself in the few short hours that he is home from work, and his favorite mug fell victim to the destruction of Miss Moose recently. I found him a hefty white mug for a steal at only $2.39, but it was after that that chaos ensued.

Whatever possessed me to give a toddler paint, I do not know. I can only assume that I’ve completely lost my mind. See, I had this nifty idea to have a pink handprint of Moose’s, and a blue handprint of Little Bear’s on this coffee cup, and some sort of saying. I was thinking “The day you were born, I came alive”. Something like that.

Anywho. Can you imagine what happened when I painted Miss Moose’s grubby little hand? Of course you can. Fortunately, she was stripped naked at the time, which is why I won’t be posting a picture of the fiasco, but the mess was huge regardless. She thought it would be more fun to paint herself than to paint the cardboard I provided. Of course she did. And then she hit Little Bear across the face, leaving him with a streak of quick-drying hot pink goop in his hair and dangerously close to his eyes.

Oh, and did I mention what a fool I was for thinking it would be a good idea to paint Little Bear’s hand?? Babies eat everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. But of course you know that. My question is, why wasn’t I thinking of it?

Regardless, the end result was a pretty coffee mug that looked more or less like I had imagined. I can only assume that the Mister is going to love it. He’s a big softie for sentimental things like that. And, well, I’ll be honest. The mess was totally worth the fun I had with Miss Moose and Little Bear. Crazy? Absolutely. But I’d do it again in a heartbeat.


…Now, does anyone have any tips for getting Parisian Pink acrylic paint out of carpets? It clashes with my decor… (:



About Mrs. Mom

Mrs. Mom is a quintessentially quirky, officially educated, alternate perspective loving, iced tea sipping mommy to two spunky monsters. While keeping house and home, she makes friends with dust bunnies and engages in toddler-inspired musical theater, and isn't afraid to bust a move when her audience demands.

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