An Update


The past week or so has been crazy, fellow bloggers and followers!! I’m sure you’ve all been equally busy, what with the holidays and all, but on top of that Miss Moose had various appointments to check her out for speech delay and possible Autism, which I mentioned in my post, the making of the madness.

Her hearing evaluation was great!! She performed exactly how the evaluators were hoping, and passed with flying colors. Her speech evaluation also went well. By the way, if you ever find yourself having to take your child for a speech evaluation, be aware that it takes 2-3 hours. I did not pack nearly enough snacks. Yikes!!! Anywho, she scored VERY well. Apparently an average score is 100 points, and she got 118 overall, so she’s doing very well. We also wrote down every single word Moose uses, even occasionally. Turns out she has 67 words!!! I thought it was more like… 20. The evaluator also said that anyone who thinks she is even potentially Autistic is basically an idiot.

I can’t tell you what a relief that is, readers!! The Mister and I have both been very stressed about this, hence the lack of posting. But all is well, and all is good, and my little girl is developing properly. Can we get a hooray?? 🙂


About Mrs. Mom

Mrs. Mom is a quintessentially quirky, officially educated, alternate perspective loving, iced tea sipping mommy to two spunky monsters. While keeping house and home, she makes friends with dust bunnies and engages in toddler-inspired musical theater, and isn't afraid to bust a move when her audience demands.

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