Extended Parenting


With today’s techno-gadgets and smart phone apps for literally everything, it feels like even parenting is becoming more disconnected than ever. But there is a strong following of attachment style parents who fights to change this, one child at a time. It is my personal opinion that the time limits and measures ought to be stopping. Admit it. How many times, as a parent, have you asked yourself, “How long should I….?” 

It’s not necessary! Let’s stop worrying about short term or long term breastfeeding, short term co-sleeping, occasional babywearing, weekend cloth diapering, and focus on the bigger picture. I don’t just support extended breastfeeding. I don’t just support extended co-sleeping. I support extended parenting. 

What I mean by that is that parents need to be taking a deeper, more emotionally connected role in their children’s lives. Detaching yourself from your children at a certain age (usually by 1 or 2) so that they can learn ‘independence’ is not beneficial to you or your children. It is, in fact, quite harmful to your relationship. Instead of asking yourself when you should quit parenting the way you parent, ask yourself if you are comfortable with your parenting style. After all, the comfort of mom, dad, and baby are what matters- not what a magazine or child rearing book can tell you! If you want to co-sleep until your kids are ten, go for it! If you want to breastfeed until they’re 7, that’s up to you!

As a society, we need to stop putting limits on every aspect of parenting, and instead stand together to support all styles of loving parents. Parenting lasts a lifetime- isn’t it time we extended it, instead of limiting it?  


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