The Journey To Beauty


Have you ever typed “beauty” into Google search? Just that one word. The results that come up are, surprisingly, not exactly diverse. As a society, we put such a huge emphasis on beauty and physical perfection. On sex. On having a knock ’em dead body and an attitude to match. But is this really what we should be teaching our kids?? The answer is no! 

Beauty goes far beyond the skin. 


“We are beautiful, in every single way, and words can’t keep us down”. -Christina Aguilera, Beautiful 


Beauty is an attitude. It is a sense of morality, of values. It is heart. It is soul. Beauty is the child who keeps on smiling, while inside she weathers the storm. Beauty is the boy who holds his head up against bullying. Beauty is the love we feel for our children. 

Isn’t it time we moved beyond the skin-deep value of beauty? Placing such a huge value on physical appearance can’t possibly be healthy to our children whatsoever. And yet we continue to provide them with toys and media that express a need for physical perfection. At what point do we start to focus inwardly? At what point do we teach our kids to stop looking in the mirror, and start looking in their hearts? 

The journey to beauty is a long one, one that I myself am still struggling with. But if you never take the first step, you’ll never reach the finish. 

Readers: In what ways do YOU nurture the inner beauty of yourself and your children?  


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  1. I’m all about my kids dressing and looking cute BUT I agree. Internal beauty is MUCH more important. I do not allow my children to misbehave without consequence. They will not grow up thinking that it is okay to disrespect people by talking to them, the actions they choose to do, etc. If they DO, it will be a mistake and they will know that there is always a consequence for their poor choices. They will grow up knowing that manners are ESSENTIAL. A please, thank you, you’re welcome, a smile, handshake upon meeting someone, holding the door if people are coming in or out, can go a long way. These are just a few things. I would rather my children be “ugly” to society and have absolutely pleasant personalities that the majority of people would appreciate than to be very beautiful to society but be empty, rude, and callous inside if those were the only two choices out there.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I would rather my children have no external beauty, but be beautiful, loving people inside than to be beautiful outside with no manners or morals. Respect goes both ways. I expect my children to respect me, because I respect them. Yes, I address my toddler and infant with “please and thank you”.

      I also support cute clothing, as I think most parents do. But if they dont look their best sometimes, that’s okay too- especially if my daughter has dressed herself. The bottom line is, she is beautiful inside AND out, but that inner beauty is so much more important to nurture.

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