Homemade Formula: A Healthier Alternative To Infant Formula


It remains unchallenged that breastfeeding is the best nutrition for baby, but sometimes circumstances arrive which do not allow a woman to breastfeed. Whether the infant has allergies, the mother has IGT or another disorder, or is psychologically unable to breastfeed, there are situations when breastfeeding is impossible. In these cases, most women would turn to formula to nourish their infant. Unfortunately, formula feeding is beyond subpar nutrition. It is dangerous. 

If you are unconvinced that formula feeding is dangerous, please refer to this post for more information. 

So what about the moms who can’t breastfeed? Fortunately, there is another, safer alternative to mass marketed infant formula. You can make your own formula at home! While this may be more time consuming and require more effort than buying a can of pre-mixed powdered formula, making your own infant formula will ensure that you are in complete control of the ingredients going into your baby’s food. You don’t have to worry about contamination and chemicals- you made it yourself! Here is a recipe for homemade infant formula: 

Ingredients for Homemade Baby Formula

Homemade Baby Formula

Makes 36 ounces

Equipment Needed

– Blender or whisk and bowl

– Glass bottles, or BPA free plastic bottles


For Liquid Formula: 

2 cups whole milk, preferably raw from pasture fed cows

1 7/8 cups filtered water

Homemade liquid whey

2TBS good quality cream, preferably raw, but NOT ultrapasturized

2TSP coconut oil

1/2TSP cod liver oil

1TSP expeller pressed sunflower oil

1TSP extra virgin olive oil

For Powdered Formula: 

4TBSP Lactose powder
2TSP nutritional yeast flakes

2TSP gelatin

1/4 TSP Natren bifidobacterium infantis

1/4 TSP Acerola powder


Mix all ingredients in a blender. For liquid formula, scoop out the clumps that form at the top of the formula, scoop it into the bottles, and pour the rest of the formula into the bottles. This keeps the clumps from getting caught in the bottom of the blender. 

For powdered formula, mix ingredients and store in an airtight can. 

These recipes have been formulated by nutritionists, and can also be found listed here, along with information on where to purchase some of the “stranger” ingredients. 


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