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Natural Products To Simplify Your Life


With a child who has eczema and multiple food allergies, sensitive skin is something I’m all too familiar with. I have struggled with hidden allergens, especially soy, in everyday products like sunscreen, laundry detergent, dish soap, and paper towels. As a result, I’ve sought out products that avoid my son’s allergies, and have found that the best options to date are often the homemade, natural products. Check out these great ideas. 


Household Cleaners: 

1. Homemade Floor Cleaner- 

         -Two tablespoons all free & clear

         -1 squirt of natural dish soap

         -3 cups steaming hot water

     Give this recipe a good mix and dump on your floors. Works great on linoleum and tile- I love it in the kitchen. It removes stains and sticky toddler messes like nobody’s business! 

2. Orange Cleaner 


          -lots of citrus peels

     Let set for anywhere from one week to two months, shaking every few days. The longer it sets, the stronger it gets! Check it out: 


Soap Alternatives: 

There are many alternatives to soap. One that is great for babies with eczema who just can’t handle the chemicals in soap is a little bit of baking soda and a few drops of water. Rub it into a paste with your hands and give baby a rub down. No squeaky clean smell, but baby will feel clean and chemical free! 

One of my favorite soap alternatives is breastmilk soap. Made with ‘nature’s goodness’, all natural breastmilk! These soaps come in a variety of scents and will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. I found them to be a lifesaver since I knew the source was completely vegan and the soaps were certified allergen free. Do a search on Etsy for breastmilk soap, and don’t be scared off my the price- one bar lasts a good long while! 

Readers, what are your favorite natural alternatives to cleaning products, soaps, and more?